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Are you tired and weary, having to fight battles not only at work but at home as well? Take heart, because as your church family, we’re not just here for you on Saturdays and Sundays; we’re here for you for life!

CityFamilies (CFAM) champions family life in City Harvest Church. We aim to equip and empower you at the different stages of life—from singlehood to marriage.

We want to equip you with what it takes to build resilience and find fresh inspiration for yourself, your relationships and your family. In our inaugural CFAM Conference 2022, you will be enriched in whatever season you’re in! We have programmes and workshops designed for singles, couples and families, and bonus topics to help you through the various challenges you may be facing.

Let’s thrive together in every season!


Discovering personal identity and wholeness in Christ as you traverse seasons of life–embracing singlehood, building godly friendships and finding harmonious union.


Knowing that the grass will always be green where you water it, bearing fruits of love, laughter and happily ever after.


Treading the tightrope of parenthood with godly confidence, and gaining a perspective that spans generations ahead.

Pre-Conference Event: 29 Jul (Fri)

CFAM Family Devotion Night

As parents, we know that family devotion is key to inculcating faith at home, yet we may not know how and where to start. In collaboration with Harvest Kidz, CFAM brings you our online CFAM Family Devotion Night. Join us as we unpack tips on how to have fun and engaging family devotions to share, reflect and discuss what God says in His Word—as a family.

Family Devotion: 8pm

Zoom link will be available 20 minutes before the meeting.

Download Devotion Notes

Age 6 and below Ages 7 to 12

4-5 Aug (Thu-Fri)


With more than 40 workshops, there’s definitely something for you! The workshop contents will be the same on both days, allowing you to register for two different workshops per day. That’s a total of four workshops you can attend over both days. Registration closes on 31 July 2022 (Sun).

Session 1: 7.45-8.45pm
Session 2: 9-10pm

6-7 Aug (Sat-Sun)


The CFAM Conference extends to the weekend and what a treat we have for you! Pastor Kong and Sun will be tackling “hot seat” questions on family, marriage, singlehood and relationships. Family fun awaits you and your little ones at Hall 605 after the service.

Saturday: 5pm
Sunday: 10am


S01 - How To Choose The Right Partner

Choosing your life partner is the biggest decision you’ll make outside of choosing to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord. This workshop aims to educate singles on the importance of putting Christ at the centre of their lives. It also touches on factors to consider when looking for or deciding on your life partner.

Isaiah Kuan & Klessis Lee
Isaiah Kuan is a lay pastoral staff who oversees CFAM Connexion and his wife, Klessis Lee, works as a procurement executive in the Finance Department of City Harvest Church. Together, they have organised and administrated empowering life sessions, personal growth and Christian values workshops, as well as interactive activities for more than 1,100 singles in CHC to engage in community life and to grow in their walk with God.

S02 - Navigating your Singleness in light of Eternity

In a culture where the season of singleness is often treated as a means to an end, or an undesirable stepping stone en route to something better (aka marriage), this workshop will explore how singles can navigate this season with a sense of purpose and empowerment. It will also discuss some practical ways to resist the urge to see non-romantic relationships as less textured, exciting, or valuable. Learn how to represent and release the heart of God as you live out your life for Him.

Charis Tan
Charis Tan is a public servant working on social policy. Her pursuits and projects are often anchored by authenticity, creativity, and a value for connection. She has had experience speaking on topics ranging from sexuality to the prophetic ministry, and is active in mentoring and ministering to youth. She also regularly writes about faith and culture for platforms such as and FaithX.

S03 - Singleness, Dating and Marriage for Jesus

How does our relationship status matter to God? Is singleness inferior to being married or the other way around? What are some misconceptions revolving around being single or married? Learn more about how we can glorify God in singleness or in romantic relationships by taking a closer look at the grand narrative of the Bible in comparison with mainstream culture.

Daniel Edison Lim
Daniel Lim was an atheist who became a believer during his army days. As a Christian, Daniel had to resolve his past thoughts/beliefs on many issues (e.g. humanity, morality, etc.). Thus began his journey of engaging the Bible and exploring apologetics to gain a better understanding of the beauty and wholesomeness of the Word.

A father of two, Daniel serves alongside ministry which seeks to make churches a safer space for conversations on sexuality and gender issues.


M01 - Marriage: From Brokenness to Breakthrough

Some marriages are saddled with financial debts, emotional isolation, infidelity, etc. Find out how to build a marriage with a foundation in Christ and understanding the heart of God the Father for each other. This workshop aims to show how the Holy Spirit can lead and guide couples through different seasons in their marriages.

Kenneth Lim and Joanne Chua
Kenneth Lim and Joanne Chua have been married for 17 years and have been serving as cell group leaders in City Harvest Church for many years. They are both successful marketplace professionals in the technology and financial industries. Together, they are on a journey to disciple and mentor couples in marriages and to raise kingdom leaders in the marketplace through the transformational power of the Word and the Holy Spirit.

M02 - How to Build A Happy Marriage

The Bible reveals to us the importance of a family. Marriage matters matter! In this workshop, Ps Wu Yuzhuang will be addressing both the roles of the husbands and the wives and how together as a team, they can build a lasting and enjoyable marriage.

Ps Wu Yuzhuang
Ps Wu Yuzhuang oversees a division in City Harvest Church that consists of youths, young adults and families. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Theology from New Covenant International Theological Seminary (New Zealand) and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Divinity from Trinity Theological College. He is married for 24 years to Ps Audrey Ng. Together, they have three teenage children.

M03 - How to Navigate Arguments and Communicate in your Marriage

Marriage has its fair share of ups and downs and it takes effort to make a marriage work. How can a couple communicate in love and navigate through differences and conflicts? Through this workshop, learn healthy conflict resolutions and make empowered decisions to further strengthen your marriage. Strong marriages are the foundation to strong families!

Johann Sim & Ps Eileen Toh
Johann Sim is a pastoral supervisor in City Harvest Church overseeing a zone of youths and adults. He graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity from Trinity Theological College and is married to Ps Eileen Toh who is the pastor overseeing Harvest Kidz. Ps Eileen has a Masters of Education (Early Childhood Education) from the University of New South Wales and holds a Licentiate in Theology from New Covenant International Theological Seminary (New Zealand). Johann and Ps Eileen are both trained in marriage mentoring and pre-marital counselling.

M04 - Making Marriage Fun

Is your marriage settling into a boring old routine? It’s time to get your marriage out of the rut and spice things up with a little fun back in your lives. It is never too late to enjoy your marriage and find greater fulfilment, even after many years. This workshop aims to arm participants with steps to bringing the joy and enrichment back into any marriage.

Ps Edmund Tay & Lu Jiahui
Ps Edmund Tay is a pastor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone of youths and young adults. He graduated with a Master of Divinity from Trinity Theological College and has been married to Lu Jiahui for 21 years with three teenage children. Ps Edmund is also an avid parenting influencer and has served three terms on the Media Literacy Council which spearheads public education on Media Literacy and Cyber Wellness. Jiahui holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History and heads the Communications department in the church.

M05 - Fireproof Your Marriage

Discover the keys to strengthening fidelity within your marriage and guarding against undesirable relationships outside of your marriage. Learn practical steps to gaining awareness and dealing with unhealthy attitude, mindset and behaviour in marriage, and working towards a happy and fulfilling marriage with our beloved.

Ps Lin Junxian & Dawn Lee
Ps Lin Junxian is a pastor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone of young adults and families, as well as overseeing the church’s CityWorship team. Ps Junxian holds a Master of Divinity from Trinity Theological College and is married to Dawn Lee for over 20 years with two teenage daughters. Dawn graduated with a Bachelor of Science and is an executive secretary and a personal assistant to the executive pastor.

M06 - Stronger Together - Marriage Mentoring

Marriage is a journey that couples take together. Some enjoy the journey, some muddle through, some get lost along the way and sadly, some give up. How can we make our marital journey a fulfilling one? Come join us in this learning journey to understand God’s design for marriage and discover small steps you can take in making your marriage better and stronger.

Tan Nam Seng & Tan Sok Mian
Tan Nam Seng and Tan Sok Mian have been married for 33 years with two adult daughters and three grandchildren. Their passion and calling is to serve in the areas of marriages and families. In 2020, together with another couple, they founded Bridging Hearts Ltd, a non-profit organisation working to empower marriages and strengthen families.

Both Nam Seng and Sok Mian have been involved in serving families for more than 30 years. Over these years, they have worked with children from single-parent families, prepared courting couples for marriage and mentored marriages.

They conduct marriage preparation courses as well as marriage mentoring courses for churches, and have been serving as trainers/facilitators with Focus on the Family for more than 20 years. Since 2015 they have trained more than 200 couples from more than 25 churches as marriage mentors. Their dream is to see marriages reflecting Christ’s love for the Church and couples living out the abundant life that Christ has promised.

M07 - 处理婚姻里的差异和期望问题 (Managing Differences and Expectations in the Marital Journey)*

When issues in a marriage surface, it is often attributed to problems such as differences in personalities, involvement of a third party, or as we commonly hear, “love has faded”. A key issue lies in an overly high expectation we have of our spouse and differences between husband and wife. Understanding our differences and adjusting these expectations, along with discovering and improving our attitudes and behaviour, can help to turn situations around, towards “happily ever after” and “till death do us part”.

*Note: This workshop is conducted in Mandarin, and will be simultaneously interpreted in English.

Leng Chin Fai & Christine Tan
Leng Chin Fai and his wife, Christine Tan, have been married for 33 years and they have three daughters. Chin Fai is the co-founder and senior consultant of Fei Yue Community Services and Fei Yue Family Service Centre. He has more than 30 years of experience in family and marriage counselling. He has also obtained his Master in Business Administration and Master in Counselling along with other certificates accrediting him as a certified trainer. Christine has been involved in a prayer ministry based in the United Kingdom for approximately 10 years. She is trained to pray for physical healing, inner healing, deliverance, as well as family and marriage counselling.

M08 - Restoring Sexual Intimacy

The gift of sex is sacred and ordained by God to strengthen and enhance the bond of marriage between husband and wife. However, this beautiful gift has suffered the manipulation of the devil; and today, sex has become one of the most common causes of breakdown and devastation in many marriages. Both husband and wife need to learn to bear the cross in this aspect of marriage life, so that they may come to much achievement and victory in their marriage.

Come and join us to discover the Biblical principles of sexual intimacy and how your marriage can blossom to its fullest potential.

Adrian Chua & Mae Wee
Adrian Chua is happily married to his wife, Mae Wee, for 30 years and together, they have a lovely adult daughter, Rachael. Both Adrian and Mae are Prepare/Enrich certified facilitators.

Adrian is the founder of Sower’s Wheat, a ministry that seeks to teach the full counsel of God’s Word, so as to equip and prepare believers for God's work in ministry. Prior to setting up Sower’s Wheat, Adrian served as a pastoral ministry worker in a Methodist church from 1994 to 1996. In 1997, God called him out to live by faith and wait upon Him, and thus, Sower’s Wheat was birthed the following year. He has ministered in many nations in Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, South Africa, North America and Brazil; and is also a regular speaker for Youth With A Mission (YWAM)'s Family Ministry School, teaching about intimacy in marriage.

Mae has worked in full-time ministry for a season and joined Adrian in his mission trips serving and supporting various ministries around the world.

Together, Adrian and Mae have mentored marriages and ministered to families, touching lives and bearing testimony to the faithfulness of God.

M09 - Romance Your Partner with Style (using DISC)

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner based on a DISC personality framework. Our primary style can tell us a great deal about how we are motivated, how we communicate and how we like others to communicate with us. In the course of your daily routine, observe how your partner acts and makes decisions. As we develop a better understanding of our partners, we will learn to appreciate differences, communicate better and unlock ways to romance your partner with style.

Rachel Tan
Rachel Tan has been a social worker since 2000 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the National University of Singapore. She moved on to complete a Master’s Degree in Counselling from the University of South Australia in 2009.

In the course of her career, Rachel gained extensive experience through working with youths-at-risk in upstream work such as implementing preventive and developmental programmes in schools and in the community. She was also a director managing a residential home for children who had been abused or neglected. She firmly believes that strong families are important to the healthy development of children.

Currently the head of the Marriage Support Department at a social service agency, Rachel conducts marriage programmes and counselling support for couples and families. Rachel believes that no marriage is perfect, but simply two imperfect partners working towards becoming more perfect for each other.

M10 - Journeying with “Him” through Mental Health

It is tough for an individual to come to terms with his or her own mental condition. As husband and head of the house, it is not uncommon for the man to experience pressure and frustration. He may become like a “ticking time bomb” that could explode anytime. Conversely, a wife who feels frustrated and resentful, may vent her anger in the home. Things can get emotionally heightened, and all parties live on edge, anticipating the next outburst of angry and hurtful words.

With his faith in God, the support from his wife, pastors, church groups, communities and medicine, Vincent Teo walked out of possibly the darkest season in his life, when “ending it all” seemed the only option he had. This workshop will help participants to see that they are not alone in their jouney of seeking mental health and emotional support.

*Note: This workshop does not provide assessment or diagnosis on mental health or related issues.

Vincent Teo and Karista Lim
From 2010 to 2018, Vincent Teo was actively involved in facilitating parenting groups and conducting parenting, youth and marriage educational talks and workshops to couples, parents and youths in both Singapore and Taiwan. His wife, Karista Lim supports him for some of these sessions and the couple has been featured thrice on local radio station, FM 100.3, to talk about marriage and family. They have also participated in two family-related productions for Mediacorp.

M11 - Financial Stewardship in Marriage

Financial issues are often one of the main causes of contention within a marriage and the family. Learn how you can steward your finances through wisdom, budgeting and open communication with your spouse. Determine to work together as a team—hand in hand –and journey into financial freedom.

Ps Bobby & Cindy Chaw
Ps Bobby Chaw is an executive pastor in City Harvest Church, the dean of the School of Theology, and the missions director of the church. He also overseas a pastoral zone as well as the Chinese congregation. Ps Bobby preaches regularly in both the English and the Chinese services, and holds a Doctor of Ministry from Southern Methodist University (USA). His wife, Cindy Ng, manages the administration of the School of Theology, and helps to oversee aspects of the Chinese Service. As a certified make-up artist, Cindy also heads the make-up ministry in CHC.

M12 - Understanding Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse (or intimate partner violence) is the most common form of family violence in Singapore (Goh, 2011). 1 in 10 women in Singapore experience physical violence in their lifetime. However, only a quarter of them report it to the police (International Violence Against Women Survey: The Singapore Report, 2010). Men can be victims too and children are often witnesses and harmed as well. Understanding the definitions, myths, dynamics, legal and community resources provides us the basic awareness and knowledge in helping someone who is facing this pressing issue.

Dr Nicodemus Lim
Dr Nicodemus Lim is the lead social worker of a family service centre under the umbrella of one of Singapore’s largest social service agency. He also has previous work experience in the fields of child protection, mental health, and eldercare.

A member of CHC since 1998, Nicodemus joined the Jesus for all Minds (JAMs) ministry, and this was a key turning point in his life. He decided to pursue a career in social work, and by the grace of God, graduated top of his Bachelor of Social Work cohort at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia and was awarded Honours Class 1 with the University Medal. In 2012, he was awarded the Endeavour Prime Minister's Award, offered by the Australian Government, to pursue his doctoral study—a qualitative research that compared the community aged care systems of Australia and Singapore.

As a Mandatory Counselling Programme certified practitioner, Nicodemus has worked with numerous court-ordered persons who have experienced or used family violence.


P01 - Raising Children to Understand the Beauty of God's Design for Our Bodies

This session will discuss the importance of biblical sexuality and how we can guide our children in developmentally appropriate ways to appreciate God's beautiful design for our bodies. There will also be recommended resources for further learning after the session.

Carol Loi
Carol Loi is the international director of Generations of Virtue, a ministry committed to teaching sexual wholeness and integrity, building family relationships and transforming culture. She is also the cohort director (Singapore) of the Colson Fellows programme, under the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

In the marketplace, Carol is a digital literacy educator and a fellow of the Center for Media Literacy. She is also a certified mental toughness coach and a Maxwell Leadership certified youth and family coach. She is a social entrepreneur, concurrently running a ground-up movement for parents, by parents, called SGFamilies.

Carol rallies children, youth, families and educators to fight online pornography through creating safe spaces to understand the impact of pornography on the brain, in relationships and in society. She also facilitates conversations on how to discuss sexuality education holistically.

She has served in the Singapore public service for over two decades, including the Economic Development Board, Ministry of Education and Info-communications Media Development Authority. She holds a Master in Business Administration from the Nanyang Technological University, specialising in technology and human capital management.

P02 - Confident Child Through Independent Play (0-3 years old)

Every child is born to play. An independent, self-directed play is not only natural but it is also vital for the well-being of our children. Through play, young children naturally develop physical and intellectual skills, provoke and stretch their sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity, as well as build a strong sense of self.

In this workshop, we hope to equip parents with hands-on tips in cultivating independent play for their child, which include:

* What is play?
* How can we set up a safe and engaging play space at home?
* How do we we choose developmentally appropriate play objects?
* What are our roles when our children play independently?
* How do we nurture independent play for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers?

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from a serious learning. But for a child, play is serious learning. Play really is the work of childhood. - Fred Rogers -

Ruby Topas
Ruby Topas has been an early childhood educator for over 15 years and leading a child care centre for 5 years. Inspired by many child-centred approaches to education, in particular, the Reggio Emilia and Constructivist Approaches, Ruby believes that young children are meaning-makers that express themselves simply through purposeful play as well as creative art and movement.

Ruby started a creative playspace called Playmakers, designed for young children to engage in independent play as well as early socialisation with other children. Children construct meaningful connections and make firsthand discoveries through the wonders of open-ended everyday objects and recycled materials with no right-or-wrong way to use them.

Ruby’s heart is to partner with families to create a community that believes in the importance of respecting children and creating a safe space for them to explore, wonder, ideate, and create freely.

P03 - Adopting God's Heart - Our Adoption Journey

Hear the testimony of how a couple lived through infertility, hopelessness and disappointments, while having an unwavering faith in God's faithfulness. This workshop gives a beautiful insight into the life-changing journey of adoption.

Kelvin Tan and Cynthia Chua
Kelvin Tan is a pastoral supervisor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone of young adults. He holds a Bachelor of Counselling. Cynthia Chua is a research associate in CHC and holds an Advanced Certificate in Theology. They have been married for 12 years and are parents to 23-month-old Mireille, a baby girl conceived in their hearts.

P04 - Grieving Well to heal from Childhood Traumas

Understand why childhood traumas can affect us deeply and how grieving well is a necessary part of healing from traumas. Being trauma-informed will also help us better understand how negative and adverse experiences affect our children. In this workshop, you will learn to identify some coping mechanisms that may hinder us from grieving and ways to help you and your children grieve well to heal from traumas.

Pamela Koh
Pamela Koh is the founder and lead counsellor of ThriveSg-Thrive Significantly, a non-profit counselling arm of Cru Singapore that helps young people grow in self-awareness, heal emotionally and cultivate emotional resilience to thrive significantly in life. ThriveSg also seeks to fight the stigma around mental health by educating and advocating on mental health issues.

Pamela has worked with tertiary students for more than 18 years and 6 years among Japanese university students in Nagoya. She is a registered counsellor and clinical member of Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC). As a certified therapist in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), she specialises in working with all kinds of traumas and grief related issues. Pamela has a passion to help people heal from their past traumas so that they can reach their fullest potential in God.

P05 - Helping Children to Identify and Express their Emotions

Children are still developing in their emotional and language capabilities. They often struggle to express their emotions verbally and accurately. Instead of judging a challenging behaviour or labelling it as a right or wrong behaviour, learn to use reflective practices to mirror children's emotions and help them to connect to their inner world. Discover how every child has the potential for healthy emotional development.

Wendy Wong
Wendy Wong is a pastoral supervisor in Harvest Kidz with over 23 years of experience working with children. She has a Masters degree in Professional Counselling and with her team of volunteers, she regularly reaches out to children living in the heartland estates in Singapore. She also oversees the running of Harvest Kidz weekend services, activities and curriculum programme for 11 to 12 year olds in church.

P06 - Managing Screen Time & Media Use in the Family

In many homes today, families are plugged into persistent digital worlds. With digital devices, many children and youth face challenges to stay focused in academics and other real-life pursuits. Parents grapple with managing screen time and media use for their families, sometimes ending in meltdowns and frustration.

This programme draws from scientific research on the impact of digital exposure on child development, academic learning and social relationships. Parents can gain insight to the addictive design of devices and applications, and learn practical handles to manage digital devices in their children’s lives.

Participants will also acquire:
• A sample media plan for their family and child’s development
• Ideas for diversification and age-appropriate developmental activities for their child

Poh Yeang Cherng
Poh Yeang Cherng is the principal of Media Literacy School, and a pioneer of Singapore’s cyber wellness movement. He has developed a national framework for cyber wellness values and best practices, training multiple commercial entities to promote cyber wellness through public education.

Yeang Cherng set up Singapore’s first Cyber Wellness Centre in 2006, developing and validating treatment protocols for pathological video gamers. His programmes have reached more than 1,000,000 students, educators, parents in the last two decades. Through his work with Kingmaker Consultancy and Media Literacy School, Yeang Cherng is active in designing transformational learning experiences that impact people and communities.

P07 - How to Support Children with Autism

Supporting children with autism often requires different strategies and interventions.

In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of behaviours and patterns of children with Autism, and learn some practical ways to engage them and guide them.

By understanding and providing them with the necessary skills they need to manage their challenges, they can go on to lead meaningful and productive lives, and eventually find their purpose in Christ.

Alicia Lim & Adeline Oh
Alicia Lim works full time in Harvest Kidz with extensive experience working with children from various backgrounds, cultures and ages. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, specialising in Health and Society. Before embarking as a staff in City Harvest Church, Alicia was a behavioural therapist helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other related disorders.

Adeline Oh is a special education practitioner with over 10 years of teaching experience. She holds a Diploma in Special Education and a Bacherlor of Science in Psychology. She has worked in mainstream and special schools, early intervention centres, day activity centres, and a start-up in Singapore, helping children with a variety of learning needs and behavioural challenges. She has also supported youths and adults with special needs in their transition to employment. Adeline is currently working on a pilot project (Maitri School Programme).

P08 - Understanding & Supporting Learning Differences

How do I know if my child has a learning difficulty or simply just needs more time to develop? What can I do if I suspect my child has learning difficulty like dyslexia and ADHD? This presentation will cover a brief introduction to learning difficulties and its associated challenges such as poor working memory and attention span. It will also include a sharing on where and how to get help for the child and strategies to practically support the child in the home setting.

Kong Yun Rui
Kong Yun Rui has been working with learners with learning difficulties since 2012. She holds a Masters of Education and Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education Needs. She has also published journal articles, presented at local and overseas conferences and delivered training for the Shenzhen Children Hospital. She is currently a fellow with the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia). Apart from working directly with students age six to 17, she also conducts trainings for parents and educators to equip them with strategies to support English and Mandarin literacy skills and executive function.

P09 - Music And My Child

As a parent, you may wonder, is my baby, toddler or preschooler too young to be learning music? How beneficial can music be and how young can a child start on music? This workshop will shift your perspective on music and uncover its benefits for both parent and child. Learn the nurturing nature of music and how you can create an environment—with music—to help facilitate daily activities (e.g. in the car, eating, bathing and sleeping, etc.) with your children. There is a lot more about music than meets the eye; so come and be amazed by what music can do.

Seven Shi
Seven Shi is a full time mother of two beautiful girls and also the centre director of Gary and Seven Music Together Singapore. She has 20 years of experience in teaching and facilitating music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. She understands the physical, mental and social development of young children and is a strong believer of allowing each unique child to learn at his or her own pace. By creating a safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment, Seven believes in helping children to thrive through curiosity, encouragement and support. Through the universal language of music, families are brought together to create a space to have fun, bond and learn collectively.

P10 - Tweens and Sexual Purity

As parents, how do we broach the topic of sexuality and sexual purity with our tweens? We often find ourselves at a loss for words, experiencing awkwardness, or simply feeling inadequate to discuss such a sensitive topic. In this workshop, we seek to empower parents with godly wisdom and knowledge on how to start impactful conversations with their tweens on the topics of sexuality and the power of following God's ways with integrity and purity in their relationships.

Ps Lee Yi Lun & Catherine Lee
Ps Lee Yi Lun is a pastor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone of youth and young adults. She holds a Master of Divinity from Trinity Theological Colleage and is mother to three children ages 11 to 14. It is Ps Yi Lun’s passion to raise the young generation in the ways of the Lord, to walk in truth and sexual purity.

Catherine Lee is a pastoral supervisor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone of youth and young adults. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Theology. As a mother of three young children ages 4 to 10, she desires to impart godly knowledge and values to help the young generation uphold integrity and purity in their lives.

P11 - Ways to Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Most parents tend to focus on keeping their children physically healthy. But a child's emotional and mental well-being is just as important to their quality of life as being physically healthy. Supporting your child's mental health—just as you would their physical health—helps your child develop the resilience they need to deal with obstacles while growing into well-rounded and mentally healthy adults. This workshop covers topics such as why a child’s mental health is important; ways to enhance your child’s mental well-being at home; how to help your child develop mental resillience; and signs your child may need professional help.

Ps Audrey Ng
Ps Audrey Ng is a pastor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone and overseeing the church’s Usher ministry and Liberty ministry (a ministry for deliverance and inner healing). She holds a Masters in Counselling and is leading CHC’s Counselling Department—a team of clinical professionals in counselling, psychotherapy, psychology and social work, and mental health.

Ps Audrey conducts regular counselling sessions with individual adults, adolescents, couples and families on various issues including anxiety, trauma, depression, self-esteem, life and career transitions, identity, as well as problems in relationships, marriages and families.

P12 - Unfolding God’s Word at Home

Ps 119:9 says, "How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to Your Word." In the current world we live in, it is crucial for us to arm our children with God's Word as their guide for life, and for them to encounter the Holy Spirit personally.

Many Christian parents feel that attending sunday school or children’s church is enough for their child. As parents, however, we are commanded to teach God’s commandments to our children. How do we do so? Join us as we unpack tips on getting that first Bible for our children. Learn how we can make the Bible interesting to read, easy to understand and a joy to apply.

Ps Lynn Tan
Ps Lynn Tan is a pastor in Harvest Kidz and a mother of three. She left her profession as a lawyer to serve the Lord full time and pursue her passion in helping children and families. She oversees the Smartkids Tuition and Reading Programmes, as well as the curriculum for 7 to 10-year-olds in Harvest Kidz. Ps Lynn is also part of the CFAM committee and conducts parenting and pregnancy workshops in church as well as marriage mentoring. She also oversees the church's Nursery ministry.

P13 - Journey with Your Son through NS

Find out what BMT, PES and NS entail for your son and you as a parent. Learn how you can be prepared and how you can support your son in this phase of life through national service—both emotionally and spiritually. Join our panel of experienced parents who are on hand to share their experiences with you.

Joanna Peck, Ng Yeow Ling and Tan Su Hsia
Joanna Peck is a mother of three teenagers—ages 17 to 21—and her eldest son enlisted for national service in July 2021. She's a core team member of SGFamilies, a ground-up movement for parents, by parents, to raise wholesome generations together. As part of SGFamilies, Joanna helps to organise quarterly pre-NS sessions for youth and their families, an initiative that started in 2019. She has been recognised with the Friend of NS Award (FoNS) by the Singapore Armed Forces. Joanna has also served as a volunteer facilitator with Focus on the Family Singapore (2011 to 2017) and Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (2001 to 2014).

Ng Yeow Ling and Tan Su Hsia are parents of two grown boys age 26 and 21. Yeow Ling is an educator by profession, and has served as a school principal for the past 18 years. He is a strong advocate of parental involvement in a child’s growth and learning journey. Su Hsia started her working career as an auditor and became a full-time homemaker with the arrival of their second son. National Service is an essential part of Singapore’s total defence and having gone through this journey twice, Yeow Ling and Su Hsia would like to share their valuable experiences on what to expect and how to be a support to our sons.

P14 - Missions and Family

It is God’s desire for us to reach out to the lost in global missions. In this workshop, you will learn how to include missions as part of your family’s ministry unto the Lord. Experience the transformative impact of missions as you serve together as a family in missions. In the first segment, participants will learn how Missio Dei Harvest started in 2012 to its 10th Anniversary this year. In the second segment, participants will understand how serving God in missions can strengthen your marriage. The third and final segment will touch on how you can include your children in overseas missions together as a family. Allow your children have eye-opening experiences of God’s love for the lost and to learn thankfulness in their lives.

Chua Kim Peng and Ng Lee Keng
Chua Kim Peng is a leader and trainer in the finance industry for more than 20 years. He also holds a Colonel (NS) rank in the army and serves as a commander in an NS Brigade. His wife, Ng Lee Keng, was heading corporate human resource functions for 12 years. The couple started their own company, Finerty Academy Pte Ltd, after graduating from the School of Theology together in 2015. Today, they co-lead Missio Dei Harvest, the missions ministry of City Harvest Church with more than 20 leaders, 20 coordinators and about 100 ministry members.

P15 - Ways to Cope with Parental Guilt and Anxiety

Many parents struggle with parental guilt such as, “I am not good enough”, “I am not doing enough” or “My child has gone astray because of me”. When parental guilt gets out of control, it can lead to parental anxiety.

This workshop aims to help parents understand that parenting is not about perfection. Rather, it is about partnering with God and providing a godly, safe and healthy environment where our children can grow and learn through life. It aims to encourage parents to enjoy their journey of parenting; and to empower and equip them with ways and coping strategies to deal with parental guilt and anxiety.

Ps Veronica Tang
Ps Veronica Tang is a pastor and a clinical counsellor in City Harvest Church. leading a zone of young adults and families. She holds a Masters in Counselling. Having done pastoral counselling for the last 11 years, Ps Veronica is involved in the church’s counselling department, doing clinical counselling for members with mental health issues.

P16 - Helping Your Child in Transition From Primary to Secondary School

Becoming a teenager can be overwhelming on many different levels. In this workshop, we will attempt to unpack some common struggles that primary school children may face when they make the transition into secondary school. Youth leaders will also be on hand to share their experiences. We desire to work alongside with you to reach the heart of your teens and to see them grow up in God's ways.

Josephine Lim
Josephine Lim is a pastoral supervisor in City Harvest Church, leading a zone of youths and young adults. She holds a Masters degree in Counselling and has given talks in the area of resilience, love language, work life balance, and positive thinking to staff in banks and MNCs in the past 6 years. Having done youth work for close to 23 years, she is involved in helping the Primary 6 students from Harvest Kidz in their transition to Emerge cell groups.

P17 - Raising Your Teen with Emotional Dysregulation Struggles

Have you ever had your teen go from being calm one minute to screaming the next? What about finding cuts on your teen’s wrists? Have you tried offering your teen some advice, only to have him suddenly yelling at you? All these behaviors are indications of emotion dysregulation problems. Emotion dysregulation is a chain of intense emotional reactions to a situation that is too much, too quick, and too soon for that particular situation; it is as if your teen has an emotional switch that quickly turns on and off at any time.

Teens struggling with emotion dysregulation experience their emotions at a very intense level because of their sensitivity; and when they are hurt or upset, it feels like an open wound. In those moments of high emotionality, they engage in all types of behaviours—problematic ones, for the most part—to respond, suppress, or diminish their difficult feelings as quickly as possible.

This workshop will help you get a firmer grip on what is going on for your teen and you. The workshop is structured into three parts. The first part, “Being Real,” is about learning to pay attention to moments of your internal experience. The second part, “Making a Shift,” provides parenting skills to help you move forward. The last part, “When Things Get Stormy,” addresses what to do in challenging moments when things go wrong.

Dr Ivan Lim
Dr Ivan Zy Lim is a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of extensive practice experience in treating mental health issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction), those with personality difficulties (e.g. borderline personality, antisocial personality), and those with problems pertaining to violent behaviour (e.g. domestic violence, general aggressive behaviours, sex offenders, substance-use). He is passionate about helping adults and adolescents with psychological and emotional difficulties and mental health issues. In addition to his therapeutic work, Dr Lim is proficient in intelligence testing, assessments of memory and cognitive abilities as well as personality assessments. He also provides clinical supervision to psychologists and counsellors and conducts training and workshops in psychological health and mental wellness.

Prior to this profession, Dr Lim had over 20 years of experience in the corporate world in the areas of multi-cultural consulting, coaching, training and team facilitation. He has delivered workshops in 13 countries around the Asia Pacific.

P18 - Building your Preschooler's Self Esteem

Parenting is not a walk in the park. It requires commitment to journey together with our children. We may read many books or research articles on the Internet and still find it challenging to apply theoretical knowledge into practical application.

Why? Simply because each child is truly unique. Through this workshop, learn about children’s milestones (2 to 6 years), gain knowledge about some common learning difficulties, discover how to help our children gain independence and knowing the boundaries we should set as parents.

Let us shape our child’s self-esteem today!

Gladys Goh
Gladys Goh is a director of an infant care and child care centre with close to 20 years of experience in the early childhood education industry. Her primary role in recent years include partnering parents with various parenting issues, to build a strong relationship within the family, and to help their children reach their potential.

P19 - Single Parenting That Works

Being a single parent is challenging, even for the strongest of men and women. From making ends meet and putting food on the table, to raising children and juggling multiple roles; along with other challenges like shared custody arrangements, financial concerns, complex family relationships—the obstacles to face is endless.

Through the workshop, participants will learn how as single parents, you can thrive—and not just survive—together with your children as a complete family unit. Learn how to unlock the door to a new and different way of living that will give you a balanced, healthy and loving environment where you and your children can move ahead with confidence.

Ps Tan Yah Lan
Ps Tan Yah Lan is a pastor in City Harvest Church and has been with the church since its early days. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Theology and is currently pursuing a Masters in Counselling. With a a heart for single parents, Ps Yah Lan started a fellowship group, known as Empowering Single Parents Network (ESPN). It provides a network of support for the community of single parents in CHC.

Bonus Workshops

B01 - Balancing Family and Ministry

Singapore is known for being one of the most overworked nations in the world today. How can we handle our busy work schedules, have time for our spouse and children, while fulfilling our calling to serve God? This workshop will explore how married couples and families can navigate through the pains and joys of integrating God’s call for each individual, both at home and in ministry.

Pauline Kong
Pauline Kong is a pastoral supervisor in church, leading a zone of youths, young adults and families. She holds a Bachelor of Accountancy and an Advanced Certificate in Theology. Her passion is to see Christians thrive in their spiritual walk and marriage.

B02 - Understanding Dementia

In this workshop, understand what is dementia and find out how to prevent it. Build effective communication techniques to reach out to persons with dementia and learn how we can provide proper care to our loved ones who may be suffering from it.

Eunice Tan
Eunice Tan has been working with the Dementia Singapore (previously known as Alzheimer's Disease Association) with over 26 years of experience in dealing with the elderly. She has vast experience in pioneering enrichment programmes for persons with dementia.

B03 - The Art of Grieving Well

We all need to learn how to grieve well. Loss and grief are part and parcel of life—and yet, so much of what we have been told or taught about grief does not serve us well.

The Bible is full of references to grieving, mourning and wailing; but deep down, most of us believe grief is incompatible with faith in God. As such, we urge people around us to “be strong” and “get over it”, mainly because we are uncomfortable with grief, and tend to be awkward around people who grieve.

Simply put, we don’t know how to grieve, and don’t know how to support those who grieve. Come uncover the misconceptions about grief, and learn new life-giving insights about life, loss and grief.

Joan Swee and Gracie Mak
Joan Swee, founder and director of Whispering Hope Singapore, has a unique perspective on grief recovery. Having lost her husband to cancer when she was 35, and left to raise their two young sons on her own, she has walked the long and lonely road of grief—and yet embodies a joy that transcends her losses. Two years into widowhood, Joan co-founded a voluntary welfare organisation in Singapore that focuses on supporting the bereaved. She served on the management board for 20 years and counselled widows of all ages, ranging from age 20 to 70—while establishing a career as a corporate trainer.

In 2017, she founded Whispering Hope Singapore, with the aim of helping Singaporeans learn to recover from grief and bounce back from life’s losses. It is the only consultancy in Singapore specialising in the internationally-recognised Grief Recovery Method®.Joan holds a Master of Social Science in Professional Counseling. She is a certified life coach with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, USA, and a certified grief recovery specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute.

Gracie Mak, co-founder and director of Whispering Hope Singapore, has worked with many corporate leaders and clients over the years when she was the CEO of a medical centre in Singapore, and the business development director of an international five-star hotel.

As a lay pastor of New Life Community Church, Gracie has also worked extensively with young adults and families, and found that many were not able to bounce back from setbacks and tragedies in life. Her quest for a more effective way to help people in such predicaments led her to the Grief Recovery Method®.

Today, at Whispering Hope, she works energetically with passion and conviction to help people process their grief, and bounce back from life’s losses. It is her joy to witness individuals, families and organisations thrive and succeed, turning life’s losses into gain. Gracie holds a Master’s degree in Organisation & Leadership, focused on Organisational Development Consulting. She is a certified life coach with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, USA, and a certified grief recovery specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute.

B04 - Communication With Aging Parents

Caregiving for ageing parents can cause major changes in family dynamics, and can even lead to increased tension and frequent disagreements. In this workshop, we will be learning practical ways on how to develop healthy and productive two-way communication.

Ps Maria Tok
Ps Maria Tok is a pastor in City Harvest Church who heads the Dialect Service. She holds a Masters in Counselling. Having served the the elderly for more than 25 years, Ps Maria has a heart and passion to see them live their twilight years with dignity, purpose and quality of life.

B05 - Will Planning and You

Many of us think that we are too young or not rich enough to even consider writing a will. Nothing can be further from the truth! The old adage holds true - when we fail to plan, we will plan to fail. And that includes what happens to our assets when we pass away. Will you leave everything to chance? What if you do not have any children or if you are single—do you still need to write a will? What if you have special needs dependants? Will Planning is an essential step that helps to preserve the fruits of your labour, maintain harmony in your relationships; and distribute your estate according to your wishes.

Teresa Tan
As a certified financial planner, a chartered financial consultant and a licensed estate planner, Teresa Tan has established a growing financial services consulting business in the past decade, and has received numerous accolades over the years. She is also actively speaking at corporate lunch time talks on a range of financial topics including estate planning. She believes in helping her clients live well by having adequate income protection and efficient asset accumulation, and to leave well through sound estate planning. Her expertise extends even to companies and business owners.

B06 - 5 Steps To Secure Your Retirement

With rising cost of living and low savings, most Singaporeans find it hard to keep their wealth. The same food and beverage cost more today than it did pre-Covid times. They will cost more in our silver years than they do today. How can you protect your wealth and grow it in tandem with rising costs of inflation, goods and services? This workshop seeks to address five areas of retirement planning over three stages of retirement phases. It is suitable for those who wish to define a personal financial strategy to fund their retirement.

Janelle Tan
Janelle Tan is a certified financial planner and chartered financial consultant with 10 years of financial consulting experience focused on retirement planning for working professionals in their 30s to 50s. An ex-HR practitioner, she has seen how one's ability to earn can lead to a false sense of security with regards to retirement. Janelle seeks to bring people back to basics in establishing their financial health today to build the financial security they want, and can have, for their silver years.

B07 - Walking Beside: Journeying With Experiences of Trauma

This workshop will provide participants with a general overview about trauma—understanding what it is, as well as common responses and symptoms of trauma. Participants will also learn basic principles in journeying with individuals who have experienced trauma along with avoiding burnout as a people-helper.

Abigail Lee
Abigail Lee is the executive director of Healing Hearts Centre, and the current president of both the Association of Christian Counsellors (Singapore) and the Association for Play Therapy (Singapore). She was conferred the May Day Awards - Working People’s Advocate Award by the National Trades Union Congress in May 2018.

With more than 15 years of experience as a counsellor, play therapist, supervisor and trainer, Abigail works with children, adolescents, individuals and families who have experienced trauma, abuse and anxiety issues. She is a Certified Circle of Security Facilitator, Certified TraumaPlay therapist and supervisor, as well as a Certified Adlerian Play therapist. In addition, she is appointed by the Family Justice Courts as a parenting coordinator and by the Singapore Mediation Centre as a collaborative family practice counsellor to work with families undergoing separation and divorce.

B08 - Navigating Community Care To Support Seniors

Do you have a senior at home who may need some help? In this workshop, find out what are the health and social care services available in the community to better equip you in this journey of care-giving for your loved ones to enhance their health and wellbeing.

May Low
May Low is a trained occupational therapist who has been working in the community care sector for over 25 years. She has a Masters in Gerontology and is passionate about working with persons suffering from dementia; particularly those living in nursing homes.

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